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Letters “F” Are Hidden Among The Es, So Let’s Find All Of Them!


Puzzles and riddles are good for your health. There are plenty of benefits that come from training your brain. Just as you go to the gym to make your body stronger, you need brain exercises to keep your mind sharp! The more you train, the better your brain works. Reading something new, learning languages or acquiring new skills are effective ways to activate different zones in the brain. However, there are exercises that are more entertaining. Solving logic puzzles or math equations!

One of the best types of puzzles is finding the odd one out! It boosts the level of attention and trains your concentration as well. Are you ready for a simple task?

Here is a picture with a lot of Es, but there are Fs hiding among them. Your goal is to spot them all. Ready, steady, check it out!

The faster you can find all Fs, the better. But if you fail to find them all, don’t worry, it is perfectly normal. This means you simply need more practice. Sometimes, it’s the lack of focus that doesn’t let us find the clue right away.

However, you can train your focus and concentration. One of the most effective pieces of advice is dividing your time. This will help you to reinforce your attention to the max for doing a certain task. As a result, your productivity will be excellent.

For example, work for 25 minutes with no distraction, such as browsing the Internet, gazing at the window, or having a snack. Then take 5 minutes to rest without thinking about your task.

Do a little break, drink water, or take a quick walk, then get back to your task for another 25 minutes. This approach might help you get started on training your discipline and improving your focus.

Did you find all Fs in the picture? Check if you spotted all 5!

It is an amazing brain exercise if you want to improve your focus and concentration. Share this puzzle with your friends and family to check their attentiveness.